Frequently Asked Questions for Scouts

What should I bring to camp?

Any good Scout should be prepared and bring the necessary items when they go camping. A suggested list of things to bring can be found at Please consult with your troop for specific guidelines and guidance on how to pack and what to bring (and not to bring) to camp.

Where will I be sleeping?

Each troop campsite is equipped with standard BSA canvas tents on raised wooden platforms.  Tents hold two cots for you and a buddy. Each site also includes a comfort station with private latrine facilities and running water. A troop canopy, picnic tables and fire circle provide communal areas for your troop as well.

What is Trail to Adventure?

Trail to Adventure (TTA) is Camp Minsi’s first-year camper program. Trail to Adventure is a fun and exciting program designed for all first-year Scouts. Throughout the course of the week, Scouts will build skills necessary to succeed in Scouting while completing requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. The daily 3-hour program runs a mirror schedule, meaning the same program is offered in both the morning and the afternoon, allowing Scouts the other half of their day for merit badges and other open programs.

What merit badges can I earn at camp?

While merit badges and advancement are only a portion of the overall summer camp experience, Camp Minsi offers a wide variety of merit badge programs for Scouts. A complete list of the merit badges available at camp can be found in the Camp Minsi Merit Badge Guide.

Be prepared! You should review all the requirements for each badge you intend on taking before your week at camp. You should also be sure to complete any necessary pre-requisite requirements before coming to camp. Due to the nature of some requirements, and the limitations of the summer camp setting, some requirements will not be completed in the merit badge classes. In many cases a signed note from a Scout leader is sufficient to show proof of a pre-requisite.

Talk to your Scoutmasters about your merit badge selection. An Application for Merit Badge (aka “blue card”), signed by an approved Scout leader, is required for each merit badge you take. Your unit leaders can help guide you in taking the badges that are right for you.

What will I be eating?

Everyone at camp is served wholesome, well-balanced (and delicious) family-style meals in the dining hall. The weekly menu will be posted throughout camp.

What if it rains during the week?

Be prepared! Make sure that you have adequate rain gear and warm clothes. Campwide activities will proceed as normal and the staff will make appropriate changes if necessary.

Should I bring extra money to camp?

Yes. Camp Minsi's trading post is open most of the day and includes many items you will want to purchase. You will find a wide variety of items including camping supplies, T-shirts and apparel, craft kits, merit badge pamphlets, books, snacks, candy, ice cream, slushies, drinks, and much more. Please be sure you bring the appropriate spending money as to not feel left out. We recommend between $25 to $50 for the week.

What is the Muck Hike?

The Muck Hike is an experience you will never forget! One of Minsi's proudest traditions, the Muck Hike is run every Wednesday afternoon. This special hike is open to any Scout willing to get a little dirty. The hike will take you through the muddy swamps along the border of camp. This activity always proves to be fun and enjoyable. The event concludes with a mob of muddy Scout descending upon the waterfront to cleanse in the water of Stillwater Lake (this is then followed by a trip to Central Showers to finish the task). It is recommended that anyone planning on participating in this event come prepared with shoes and clothing that they don't mind getting extremely dirty, muddy and wet (they will probably end up being thrown out afterwards).

What is Frigid Froggy?

Frigid Froggy is an early morning (6:30am) dip in Stillwater Lake. This morning swim is a great way to wake up and start your day at Camp Minsi. If you attend all five days, then you'll earn a special Frigid Froggy patch.

Can I go fishing at camp?

Yes! Stillwater Lake offers ample fishing opportunities. Please bring your own fishing gear and tackle to camp. A current Pennsylvania fishing license is required for any person age 16 and over. You can go to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website ( and purchase a 7-day tourist fishing license. The common fish found in Stillwater Lake are bass, pickerel, yellow perch, catfish and sunfish. The tailwaters of Stillwater Lake flow to compose Tunkhannock Stream and offer brook and rainbow trout fishing as well.

I still have questions.

If you have any additional questions about the summer camp experience be sure to talk with your Troop's Scoutmaster or Senior Patrol Leader. These individuals will be able to help you better understand your individual Troop's practices and offer useful and personal advice.