Frequently Asked Questions for parents

What are the benefits of sending my son to camp?

Studies have proven that youth who attend summer camp report greater levels of confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and appreciation of their environment. Check out the results the Summer Camp Outcomes Study to learn about the numerous benefits of sending your son to a week at Boy Scout summer camp.

How does the cost of Camp Minsi compare with other camps?

Camp Minsi is affordably priced at $325 per week:
  • BSA, Minsi Trails Council (Camp Minsi) - $325/week
  • Sports Camp (football) - $1,800/week
  • Sports Camp (soccer) - $560/week
  • Church Camp - $440/week
  • YMCA Camp - $400/week
  • BSA, Bucks County Council; Ockanickon - $438/week
  • BSA, Cradle of Liberty Council; Resica Falls - $380/week
Campership funds are available to provide financial assistance. Confidential applications are available from the Minsi Trails Council service center.

Where do the camp fees go?

All of your camp fees go directly into the camping programs and services at Camp Minsi. This includes:

  • Three quality meals each day
  • Campsite accommodations and facilities
  • Program areas and program supplies
  • Experienced, qualified and quality staff (salaries & training)
  • Support services (first aid, ranger, etc.)
  • Camp utilities and maintenance
  • Camp improvements
  • Camperships
  • and much more.

What should my son bring to camp?

Any good Scout should be prepared and bring the necessary items when they go camping. A suggested list of things to bring can be found at Please consult with your troop for specific guidelines and guidance on how to pack and what to bring (and not to bring) to camp.

Can I visit my son while he is at camp?

Families are welcome during check-in on Sundays; you may tour camp and take advantage of our Trading Post and other areas. Camp Minsi holds a family night on Sunday evenings. Parents, siblings and all other family members are invited to our opening picnic at 5:45pm. Cost is $10.00 per person, and children 6 and under are $3.00 each. 

Families are encouraged to come on Sundays for the family picnic and activities, on Thursday for the Order of the Arrow call-out, and on Saturdays for the closing ceremonies. Please check with your Troop for other opportunities for visitation.

All visitors are required to sign-in at the camp administration building. All visitors will receive a "visitor badge" that must be worn while in camp.  Any overnight stays must be approved by the Camp Director in advance. If you plan on staying for any meals, you must purchase a meal ticket at the administration building before the meal. Costs for visitor meals are as follows: Breakfast: $7.00 | Lunch: $10.00 | Dinner: $10.00

What if my son needs to leave camp during the week?

This document is an essential resource for unit leaders. The guide is full of useful information and forms for troops participating in the 2015 summer camp programs at Camp Minsi.  

Can I send mail to my son?

Yes. Mail can be sent to Camp Minsi anytime. Mail is delivered to the unit leaders at mealtime. It takes about 3-4 days for mail to get to a Scout once mailed (so plan accordingly).  Please be sure to include the name and the troop number of the Scout on any mail. Mail can be sent to:
Scout's Name - Troop #
Camp Minsi, BSA 
106 Camp Minsi Road
Pocono Summit, PA 18346

What if my son takes prescriptions medications?

Upon arrival at camp, your son will have a medical re-check during which he will give the health officer any prescription medications he may have. All prescription and over-the-counter medications must be stored under lock while at camp. An adult leader, or the camp health officer (when applicable), will be responsible for administration and dispensing of medications to Scouts. Units will dispense medications at their site as long as medications are properly stored and logs are kept; the camp will provide lockable storage area and a 3-ring binder in each site shed. Prior to your arrival, please contact the Director of Camping ( if other arrangements are needed regarding dispensing of medications. 

Should my son bring money to camp?
Yes. Camp Minsi's trading post is open most of the day and includes many items Scouts will want to purchase. Scouts will find a wide variety of items including camping supplies, T-shirts and apparel, craft kits, merit badge pamphlets, books, snacks, ice cream, slushies, drinks, and much more. Additionally some merit badges may require additional costs for craft kits or other supplies (see our Merit Badge Guide for details); please take this into consideration when deciding how much money to send to camp. Please make sure your son is prepared for these purchases. The trading post is an excellent opportunity for Scouts to practice real-world financial and personal management while at camp. Please be sure your son has the appropriate spending money as to not feel left out. We recommend between $25 to $50 for the week.

Can my son bring a cell phone to camp?

Camp Minsi highly discourages cell phones at camp. Check with your troop for their individual policies regarding electronics; however Scouts should be encouraged to leave all electronics (including cell phones) at home. These devices take away from the summer camp experience. They can promote home-sickness and often lead to other problems. Staff members will not tolerate the use of cell phones, MP3 players or other electronics by Scouts in program areas; nor are areas provided for Scouts to charge electronic devices. Camp Minsi will not be responsible for lost or damaged electronics.

Where will my son be sleeping?

Each troop campsite is equipped with standard BSA canvas tents on raised wooden platforms.  Tents hold two cots for a Scout and his buddy. Each site also includes a comfort station with private latrine facilities and running water. A troop canopy, picnic tables and fire circle provide communal areas for the Scouts as well.

What will my son be eating?

Everyone at camp is served three wholesome, well-balanced family-style meals in the dining hall each day, all approved by qualified dietitians. If your son has special dietary needs, please advise the camp director prior to your arrival so the kitchen staff has proper time to prepare.

What if it rains during the week?

Make sure that your son has adequate rain gear and warm clothes. Campwide activities will proceed as normal and the staff will make appropriate changes if necessary. In the case of a severe weather situation, Scouts will be moved to one of the structures within the camp and given further instructions from the camp staff.

What does my son need in regards to uniform?

The Boy Scout field uniform, or "Class A" uniform, and appropriate activity uniforms ("Class B" uniforms) are expected attire at any Scout functions. Scouts should have most, if not all of the full uniform for camp. The field uniform is required at retreat, dinner, vespers, and other formal programs. Check with your individual troop for their uniform standards or for assistance in assembling a uniform.

Where can my son shower?

Scouts can shower in our Central Shower facilities - the individual stall shower house has separate sections for youth and leaders. Troop leaders provide supervision of the facilities and all Troops assist with the cleaning of the showers throughout the week. Remember, a Scout is "clean."

What is the Muck Hike?

The Muck Hike is an experience your son will never forget! One of Minsi's proudest traditions, the Muck Hike is run every Wednesday afternoon. This special hike is open to any Scout willing to get a little dirty. The hike takes Scouts through the muddy swamps along the border of camp. This activity always proves to be fun and enjoyable for both Scouts and leaders alike. The event concludes with a mob of muddy Scout descending upon the waterfront to cleanse in the water of Stillwater Lake (this is then followed by a trip to Central Showers to finish the task). It is recommended that any Scouts planning on participating in this event come prepared with shoes and clothing that they don't mind getting extremely dirty, muddy and wet (they will probably end up being thrown out afterwards).

What is the camp's refund policy for Scouts?

There are situations in which a campers’ fee may be refunded, either in whole or in part to the unit (checks will not be written to individual families).
  • Full Refund: The complete balance of a campers’ fee (less the initial deposit) may be refunded up until two weeks prior to the start of your week at camp for the following reasons, if accompanied by appropriate documentation: (1) medical issue regarding the camper, (2) summer school, (3), extreme family emergencies.
  • Partial Refunds: Partial refunds of $100 per camper may be refunded to the unit for reasons other than the above, up until two weeks prior to the start of your week at camp. Please be aware that the Council can not provide full refunds after this timeframe as certain expenditures have been made (e.g. food and program-related items) based upon the unit’s projected attendance.
Requests for refunds must be made in writing no later than two weeks prior to the start of your week at camp in order to be considered. Please submit requests to the Minsi Trails Council, Attn. Paul Oswald, PO Box 20624, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0624. This letter must be approved and endorsed by the Unit Leader.

Are camperships or financial assistance available to Scouts?

Campership grants are available to Scouts in need of financial assistance to attend summer camp. This program is only available for Minsi Trails Council units and Scouts. For an application or more information, please feel free to contact the Minsi Trails Council Camping Office at 610.465.8568.

I still have questions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the summer camp experience be sure to talk with your Troop's Scoutmaster or summer camp coordinator(s). These individuals will be able to help you better understand your individual Troop's practices and offer useful and personal advice. If you still have addtional questions about Camp Minsi, please feel free to contact us.